Friday, May 18, 2012


Definition:  Tone is the emotions and attitude when the speaker reads a poem.


Spread Your Wings

By Gregory Hudson

Close your eyes, open your heart
concentrate hard, get ready to start
It is almost time to lift off and fly.
Believe in yourself
 and you'll fly very high.
Open your wings, spread them out
This is what flying is all about.
I know you can make it through this test.
Come on now. Do your best.
Now that you can fly and soar,
you can enter that successful door.
You've spread your wings and lifted your voice.
It's now time for others to make the right choice.

The tone of this poem is inspiring and calm.

Significance:  Tone is important because it brings life to a poem, without it poems would be boring and monotone.  The speaker relies on tone to give poems more depth and to connect to the audience.

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